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Last year, our team got a bit fed up with the fierce competition flooding European markets and decided to explore alternative GEOs in the Middle East. The UAE emerged as the most promising.

In early 2023, we launched a crypto campaign in the UAE with Facebook, generating super profits of nearly $100,000 in 2.5 months with funnels like Emaar, Adnoc, Enoc, QatarEnergy.

Before achieving success, we faced challenges and had to learn about the country's specifics and the Arab audience. In this material, we explain what we did and how it led to high profits.

Considerations when choosing brokers

Muslim holidays: Brokers usually cease operations during significant Muslim holidays like Ramadan or Eid al-Adha. Look for partners able to handle traffic even during holidays.

Licenses and broker requirements: Check broker licenses, their ability to process payments, and strict limitations on creatives. We were required not to use photos of the UAE president in our creatives.

Local call center numbers: Ensure the broker's call center contacts clients from local numbers. Calls from foreign numbers may negatively impact your conversions.

Unique aspects of pouring to the UAE

Holiday operation: Finding a broker with a call center working on holidays proved beneficial. While call volumes usually decrease during such days, costs per lead may rise, but profits still remain.

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Migrant and tourist challenges: Many migrants and tourists cannot deposit money as they can't open local bank accounts. We will explain how to deal with this issue later.

VPN users: Disable users with VPNs enabled to avoid a large influx of leads from Sudan, Egypt, or Jordan.

Link monitoring: Regularly check if links are working, as they may sometimes be blocked.

Conversion and price fluctuations: Conversions often increase by approximately 10% in the first and last days of the month.

When it comes to attracting potential clients, be prepared for price fluctuations. We suggest either consistently monitoring advertising campaigns or using Ads Manager to promptly halt any ineffective campaign.

The UAE is a GEO that requires patience. Sometimes, many deposits from new clients come in within a month, but not always. Often, potential clients are willing to make a deposit only after 2-3 months.

Setting up Facebook targeting

Filtering migrants: Use content and interests targeting to exclude migrants and tourists, such as specifying "for UAE residents only."

Age range: Test different age ranges, with suggested ones being

  • 25-65+;

  • 28-65;

  • 30-65.

Male-only ads: Consider targeting only men, as many women in the UAE may require permission from men to invest.

The location of the audience is not of great significance. We excluded certain cities from the targeting, but in the long term, it didn't change much. Yes, we did reduce the number of migrants among the leads, but only for a very short period.

And, of course, cloaking. Quality cloaking will provide you with a bunch of potential clients from a single Facebook account.

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Luxury lifestyle: The best creatives often depict a wealthy lifestyle, resonating well in the UAE.

Caution with celebrities and companies: Be careful when using celebrity photos. Do you remember, we were prohibited from using photos of the president?

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Mentioning certain companies should also be done with caution. For example, Aramco and Adnoc (prominent companies in the UAE) caution against using their brands for deceptive purposes.

Adaptation to Arabic language and culture: Ensure all creatives are adapted to the Arabic language and culture.


The UAE is a challenging GEO requiring a special approach. Considering our experience, pouring to the Emirates can yield substantial profits.

Detailed statistics for this case can be found with our partners at Swanker. Join JBO and pour to the UAE with us, benefitting from our working materials, creatives, targeted setup, and assistance at every stage.