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Nords – a promising and profitable GEO for webmasters. Want to learn more about how to direct crypto traffic to Nordics and do it effectively? We've crafted a brief overview highlighting key features and nuances when launching campaigns targeting Scandinavians.

Factors boosting the crypto Industry in Scandinavia

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Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland – stable countries where financial matters are thriving, and the crypto and tech spheres are advancing rapidly. This fosters interest among local people.

Key factors contributing to the crypto industry's growth in Scandinavian countries:

  • Advanced fintech infrastructure, making buying, selling, and using crypto a breeze.

  • Progressive regulations adapting cryptocurrencies to local laws and facilitating their use.

This aids webmasters in the crypto vertical in receiving substantial payouts from this GEO. However, there are some nuances, and we want to give you a heads up.

Challenges you might face when launching

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What should you keep in mind when pouring to Nordics? There are some standard nuances you may encounter when launching on Tier 1:

  • Traffic costs may be several times higher than average in other GEOs.

  • The target audience is demanding and dislikes intrusive or low-quality creatives.

So, be cautious and approach creatives thoroughly and seriously.

Conversion insights

Here, we'll share valuable conversion insights based on JBO's experience with Nordic launches.

What contributes to conversions?

When it comes to creatives that resonate with Nordics, celebrities are almost indispensable. Call upon the likes of Elon Musk and other stars.

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What won't convert?

Creatives depicting a luxurious lifestyle won't impress Nordics. The Scandinavian mentality is about modesty. They don't flaunt their incomes and achievements.

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About lead quality: migrants and tourists don't deposit

Lead quality from Scandinavia is generally high, but there's a point worth noting. Many local leads are migrants and tourists who don't make deposits. How to handle this? JBO recommends: when targeting English-speaking Nordics, try filtering out migrants and tourists with native pre-landers. For example, if promoting to Sweden, create a pre-lander in Swedish and a landing page in English. Migrants and tourists will be filtered out at the pre-lander stage, giving you higher-quality leads

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Countdown to launch – 3, 2, 1...

Ready to launch campaigns targeting the Nords? At JBO, you'll find lucrative offers, along with proven landings and creatives delivering high conversions. Additionally, the network offers support from skilled experts with over 5 years of experience. Register through the link on our website and reach out to your manager or contact @JBOMarketing on Telegram. We guarantee generous and transparent payouts and support from a professional affiliate community.